MC-100 Features

MotoChello systems integrate audio and communications with features you won’t find anywhere else, integrating quality music and effortless intercom with added features unique to riding.

MC-100 How it Works graphicHow it Works

The MC-100 is the first system for motorcycles that both sounds and functions like a home stereo and produces music quality equivalent to sitting back with a pair of premium headphones. When you’re on the road, you want to be able to hear it. With the full dynamic range of high-fidelity sound you will.

In case you were wondering… High fidelity is one of those “old fashioned” sounding terms that means something specific to engineers and refers to the dynamic range of audible sound. For the rest of us it means the highs, lows and all the other tones that blend together for a fuller musical experience. More than music, fullness of sound helps your ears hear more of the sound. Compressed audio just sounds “flat” and often “fuzzy”. Yuck.

With the MC-100,  you connect multiple devices to the audio controller (like a stereo receiver) and receive incredible sound quality not found with other cycle systems. There’s no need to turn each source on and off each time you want to use one. With an MC-100, you can have several devices on at the same time.

If you are using a GPS, you will automatically hear its instructions while you’re listening to music. MotoChello custom headsets enhance the experience even further to bring music and voice into unbelievable clarity.

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With the MotoChello MC-100 you can integrate all of your audio devices into one comprehensive, simple to operate system.

FM Radio

An FM/Weatherband radio is built into the MC-100 system with familiar search and save functions.

GPS Interface

The MC-100 audio system is designed to operate with the Garmin® Zumo® 550-660 GPS units that are made for motorcycle use. These units have sealed cases for withstanding the weather conditions encountered with outdoor use. Please refer to your Garmin® operation manual for specific information on your particular GPS unit. If you are using a Garmin® motorcycle GPS with MP3 storage or Blue Tooth functions, you may also listen to music from the GPS unit and use your cell phone through your helmet headsets and microphone, saving an audio port for an additional audio device.

Music Sources

  • iPod® or other MP3 Player (could be your phone)
  •  Portable CD Player
  •  Satellite Radio
  •  Radar Detector
  •  Any device that uses a standard audio cable


Instant, hands free intercom functions are built into the MC-100 system and also has customizable controls. Second to none, the full duplex intercom lets you talk at the same time, in a normal voice, even at highway speeds without competing for the microphone or “cutting out’. Intercom is always available, even when music is muted.

Two-Way Radio

There is a dedicated connection port for a Two-Way Radio. Cables are included for Cobra®, Midland® and Motorola® FRS  or portable CB radios.

Honda Gold Wing® CB Radio

An adapter is available to let Gold Wing® riders continue to use their Wings CB radio with the MC-100 system.

UHF Radio Adapter

An UHF interface adapter is available for riders who prefer to use a Kenwood® compatible UHF radio (which can be operated on FRS channels) with the MC-100 System.

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Music Handling


The MC-100 has features that gives you control over how your music sounds, like bass and treble adjustments, left/right headset speakers and fade controls to change listening volume between rider/passenger. You can also use a Loudness feature to boost music at lower volumes or simulated 3D sound with various intensity levels. It’s up to you.

Music Features

  • True high-fidelity sound for great music quality
  • FM/Weather band radio with familiar preset and search functions
  • Premium, custom helmet headsets and operating cables (1 set with single rider system)
  • Bass and treble adjustments
  • Loudness function  to boost sound quality when playing music at low volumes
  • Simulated 3D sound setting with a choice of intensity levels
  • Balance adjustments for Left/Right headset speakers
  • Different volume levels for Rider and Passenger
  • Standardize the volume levels of your connected audio devices so they change equally when you adjust the master volume
  • Audio ports and connection cables to use 3 audio devices simultaneously
  • Easily change music sources as desired
  • One button Mute/Un-Mute capability for headsets with visual status icon
  • Muting music does not affect voice channels. You will always have available intercom (unless the mics are muted)
  • True high-fidelity sound for great music quality

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The MC-100 lets you have natural conversations with a passenger by speaking in a normal voice and be heard, even on the highway. Responsive, hands free intercom instantly activates the microphones by simply talking. Only the microphone of the person speaking is turned on, but full duplex lets you both talk at the same time without “cutting out”. If you choose, you can turn off one or both mics at any time.

MotoChellos’ firmware filters distracting noises while giving you the best of what you hear. The sensitivity of the microphones adjust for soft or “booming” voices (both rider and passenger) and for unusually windy or noisy environments. As conditions change, you can manage them.

Voice channels are always available, even when music is muted. When you talk to other riders, they will hear your voice, not your music. Incoming radio communications can be a different volume than your music or passenger conversations. It’s your choice.

If you are using a Zumo® GPS with wireless phone functions, the MC-100 phone features can also be activated. The system alerts you when a call is coming in so you can answer the call and talk through the MC-100 system.

Communication Features

  • Instant, hands free intercom by simply talking
  • Superior sound filtering to greatly reduce wind, engine and other noises
  • Only the microphone of the person speaking is turned on
  • Dedicated port for a two-way radio with included FRS connection cables (Motorola®, Cobra® and Midland®)
  • CB Adapter available for Honda® Gold Wing® riders to use the Wing’s CB radio with the MC-100 system
  • Multi-directional, voice activated microphone assemblies included (1 for single rider system). May also be purchased separately.
  • Duplex system – Rider and Passenger can speak simultaneously while having conversations (no “cutting” out)
  • Communications channels are always available, even when music has been muted
  • Music lowers as much, or as little, as you have determined while speaking (1-6 seconds), and returns after you’ve finished
  • Phone use through system when using a Garmin® GPS with feature
  • Unique radio communication handling so other riders clearly hear your voice, but not your music

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Ease of Use


The MC-100 Audio System controls are all at your fingertips with a glove friendly touch screen display and illuminated button panel mounted on your bike’s handlebars (or elsewhere if you choose). No special gloves are required.

When you connect your audio devices to the MC-100, the set-up screen lets you easily calibrate their volumes and choose the icons you want to use for them. Then select a color scheme and decide if you want to set up phone functions through your GPS.

While riding, you can make quick adjustments to music volume and conversation levels, change radio channels, search for local channels (without losing your previously set channels) or check the weather band. *(For safety reasons, always make adjustments while stopped).

When you have your settings “just right”, simply save them as your own. If needed, you can restore to them at any time (or to the factory default settings).

Have the music you want, adjust it to the way you like to hear it, and change it whenever you like, all while having effortless, hands free conversations with passengers or other riders.

When riding solo, you will have the best sounding music you can find on a motorcycle. The MotoChello MC-100 is the motorcycle sound system you’ve been waiting for!