MC-200 Motorcycle Audio System

photo of the MC-200 display installed on a BMW 1200RTFor the ultimate motorcycle audio system – you have to hear the all new MC-200 with the clearest, best sounding audio you can find on a motorcycle.

The MC-200 blends new innovations with popular concepts, re-engineered for usability and a sleek design. Features include prioritization, direct iPhone® interface with voice commands, isolated inputs, automatic volume adjustment and connection for blue tooth devices.

The smaller MC-200 display can even be removed when you do don’t plan to use your phone while riding. A slim audio processor and new cable harness reduces space and keeps connection points more accessible when adding or changing devices.

The FM radio now has formats for both U.S. and European stations with familiar search and save preset functions. Available weather band stations are already programmed into the system.

Phot of the MC-200 installed on a tank bag with a phoneCalibrate the input volume of connected devices, adjust bass, treble, balance and loudness and save your settings to restore to them and any time.

Connect your blue tooth devices with our BTA adapter, including GPS units and newer BMW devices. Now you integrate of all your audio sources while giving you reliable, quality audio output and clear, responsive communications.

With MotoChello, there are plenty of options to make your audio and communications sound just the way you want it to.

You have to hear it!

 System Features

  • Small, Removable Display
  • Cable harness keeps connection points accessible
  • FM Radio with US and EURO station formats and weather band
  • Full stereo for quality audio and clear voice
  • Includes custom headsets and microphones (both boom and fixed type)
  • Isolated inputs for all devices
  •  Priorities for devices
  • Automatic volume adjustment
  • Save and Restore settings
  • Blue tooth devices connect with available BTA adapter

Music Handling

  • Bass and treble adjustments
  • Loudness function to boost sound quality at low volumes
  • Simulated 3D sound with a choice of intensity levels
  • Left/Right speaker balance
  • Front/Rear balance for Rider and Passenger volume levels
  • Calibrate connected devices so they adjust equally when changing volume
  • Operate 3 audio devices simultaneously, or switch between them
  • One button Mute/Un-mute for headsets with visual status icon
  • True, high-fidelity sound for dynamic music quality and clear voice


  • Instant, hands free intercom by simply talking
  • Only the microphone of the person speaking is turned on
  • Full Duplex system – Riders can speak at the same time (no “cutting” out)
  • Communication channels always available, even when music is been muted
  • Choose how much music lowers while speaking
  • Select how quickly music returns when finished talking
  • Direct iPhone use through system with or Garmin® zumo GPS
  • Android phones using the  “Headset Button Controller” App
  • Communication handling so others hear your voice, but not your music
  • Adapters available for specialty two-way radios

The MC-200 audio system is available in single and 2-Rider configurations. Single rider system can easily be upgraded by adding a headset at a later time.


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How-to videos on setting up and using the MC-200 system. Includes device calibration, intercom and Vox, priorities, auto volume controls, customizing your system, phone use, saving your setting preferences and more.