MotoRfPlus 2



Motorcycle Audio with FRS Radio Interface

Effective solution for bike-to-bike communications using a two-way radio while listening to music at the same time.  No batteries or bike installs.

Comes with MotoChello premium headset and microphone for audio clarity. Earphone adapter lets you switch between headsets and ear buds at any time. For a single rider.

30 day money-back guarantee

Product Description

Effective bike-to-bike communications using an FRS radio with integrated audio input. For riders who want both convenience and quality audio. Listen to music (or something else) and have conversations with other riders at the same time.

Compact device can be placed in a bag or pocket while riding. Includes connection cables for your two-way radio and audio device,  MotoChello premium headset and microphone for audio clarity, PTT radio activation button and an earphone adapter. Talk button mounts anywhere for easy activation of your two-way radio.  Does not use batteries. For any vehicle where the rider wears a helmet, including off road, 4-runners, snow mobiles and bicycles.

MotoChello small 2 color square logoMotorRfPlus Includes

  • MRF-Plus processor
  • Helmet headset speakers
  • Earphone adapter
  • Helmet microphones (boom and fixed)
  • Audio connection cable
  • Two-way radio connection cables for Cobra®, Midland® and Motorola® FRS radios
  • PTT button assembly
  • 30 day money back guarantee