MC-200 Audio System

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The Best Audio Available for Motorcycles

The MC-200 audio system is simply the best sounding music and voice you can find for your motorcycle. It integrates multiple sources without pairing, charging or channel changes. With a sleek design and numerous useful features, the MC-200 blends new innovations with popular concepts like prioritization, direct iPhone® interface with voice commands, isolated inputs, automatic volume adjustment and full duplex intercom.

Voice activated microphones have VAM adjustments (often referred to as VOX) means excessive wind (or noisy neighbors) won’t interrupt. With a MC-200, you can listen to music, talk with a passenger and seamlessly hear your GPS instructions – all at the same time. There are plenty of options to make your audio and communications sound just the way you want and save your settings to keep them that way.

photo of the MC-200 Display unit showing the main controls screen

The MC-200 display is small and convenient with both a touch screen and button panel to keep system controls at your finger tips. You can even mount it on a tank bag or remove it when you do don’t plan to use your phone while riding. Your settings stay until you change them.

A slim audio processor makes it easy to place in a glove or tool box, under the seat or wherever you decide. The unique cable harness reduces space and keeps connection points accessible when adding or changing devices. You can also pre-install an additional cable harness on other bikes to switch the system between them.

For Quality Audio, You Just Can’t Find a Better,

More Reliable System than a MotoChello MC-200


With so many features and plug-and-play convenience, the MC-200 is a pleasure to use

Touch Screen Controls
The display unit has a glove friendly touch screen display and button panel controls. It can mount on your handle bars or somewhere else of your choosing, even a tank bag, to keep all the controls at your fingertips.

The button panel has a back lit buttons and screen brightness controls so you will have comfortable viewing which can be changed as conditions do.

Integrated Devices
FM/Weather band radio and intercom are already built in to the system. You can also connect up to 3 separate input devices (one of which can be a smart phone) and a two-way radio for seamless integration of devices.
Calibrated Source Volumes
Audio sources tend to play at different volume levels, so the MC-200 lets you calibrate the input volume of connected devices so they will be at the same level when changing audio sources. The master volume then tracks them equally during volume changes.
Music Handling
Full stereo and dynamic range speakers for quality music and clear voice. You can make adjustments for bass, treble, loudness (for fuller sound at lower volumes) and multiple levels of 3D (simulated surround) sound.

You have left/right speaker balance adjustments and front/rear settings so a passenger can have a different volume than the driver.

A new baseline boost setting is useful for riders that want to use earphones (lowers baseline volume level) or ear plugs (raises baseline – also helps with the hard-of hearing).

Isolated Inputs
All devices have isolated inputs to reduce excess noise you don’t want to hear, ensuring the good stuff you do.
Set priorities for devices so you decide what alerts and communications are most important to you. Use them to lower other channels so you can hear the prioritized source (like phone, radar, GPS or parking warnings).
Automatic Volume
Automatic Volume adjustments lets you set a level and it will adjust automatically as conditions change.
Full Duplex Intercom
Instant, hands free intercom by simply talking. Only the microphone of the person talking is turned on and music fades as much, or as little, as you choose, then returns when you’ve finished.

Communication channels always available, even when music is been muted (unless you turn off the microphone).

Noise reducing firmware tames the wind so you can both speak in a normal volume, at the same time and be heard, even at highway speeds.

Two-Way Radio Interface
There is a dedicated two-way radio interface for bike-to-bike communications. A PTT “talk” button is included with the system to access your radio of choice and connection cables for Cobra®, Midland®, Motorola® and Kenwood® for FRS, CB or UHF radios are provided.
Phone Interface
You can use your smart phone with the MC-200 system with “hands-free” convenience. By connecting it to the AUX-1 port, it can accept voice commands or button panel controls to make or receive calls through your helmet system. It also responds to commands for music handling (next/previous song/ play artist, etc.).

If you want to use your phone strictly as a music source, just connect it to the AUX port of your choosing like any other source device.

Note: An iPhone® has native integration. Android phones have the same functions when using the “Headset Button Controller” App

Accessory Power
The system connects to accessory power and conveniently turns on and off with the bike. As a bonus, we have included a handy battery health monitor, just because we thought it was a good idea, which saves you from having to buy an extra accessory.
User Control
After you’ve made adjustments to the system so it sounds and operates to your preferences you can save your settings and easily make additional adjustments. If you change your mind, you can reset the system to the last saved user settings, or to factory settings.


  • Display Controller with ball mount
  • Audio processor and Cable Harness
  • Built in FM/Weather band radio
  • Connection cables for your devices (including phone)
  • Two-way radio PTT “talk” button
  • Radio connections cables for Cobra®, Midland®, Motorola® and Kenwood® FRS, CB or UHF radio
  • Complete helmet headset
  • Adapter to switch between helmet speakers and earphones
  • Extension cables and shrink tubing to optimize your placement locations for devices
Photo of the MC-200 mounted on a BMW r1200RT motorcycle
Photo of the MotoChello MC-200 installed on a BMW R1150RT

Single Rider System


includes ground shipping

System for 2-Up Riders


includes ground shipping

Specialty Interfaces

Audio Speaker Bridge …………………………..$89.00

On its own, converts sound from your bike speakers to earphones. Can also route the speaker audio (or output from its audio source) to be used as a source input for the MC-200 system

Midland Filtered CB Cable …………………….. $20.00

Connection cable with noise filtering to improve the performance of some Midland CB radios. Recommended when using a CB radio (Midland or Cobra) with an MC-200 or MotoRfPlus

Gold Wing Stereo Interface ……………………….. $89.00

Connects your Gold Wing audio system to use as an input source to the MC-200, allowing you use integrated devices from the Wing (including the CB radio) while enjoying the advanced controls of the MC-200


MC-200 System Upgrade …………………………..$75.00

We’ve made many improvements and have added even more functions to v3x systems based on your feedback. Now you have the option to enjoy the new features at a reasonable price, without having to purchase a whole new system.

Simply update your out of warranty MC-200 to the latest firmware with added features by ordering a system upgrade and sending it to us. We’ll update the firmware, inspect, test and replace any cables, seals, or components if necessary and return a “new” system to you with a current manual and an extended 1-year warranty from the date of the upgrade.