About Two-Way Radios

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Two-way radios are preferred for bike-to-bike communications since they do not have to be “paired” like bluetooth systems. Other riders can be on the same frequency channel (FRS, CB or UHF) but not have the same brand or model of equipment, and there are no delays or channel switching. When riding with a group, everyone on the same channel can join in and be heard at the same time, regardless of group size.

The radios are relatively inexpensive, have a longer range of effective communication and can be accessed with an external transmit button while riding so you don’t have to take your hands off of the controls to operate them. You just press the button and talk immediately, which can be an important safety feature to warn another rider or get their attention quickly.

When you’re not using the radios for bike-to-bike communication, they can be used as “walkie-talkies” for other purposes.

MotoChello systems include connection cables to cover most any radio you decide to use. Cables included are for Cobra®, Midland®, Motorola® and Kenwood® FRS, CB and UHF radios along with a PTT “Talk” button. Please check the list of Kenwood® compatible UHF radios for the brand and model number of your UHF radio.

Please contact MotoChello should you have questions about your particular radio.


Bike Powered Radios

Not all two-way radios are alike and should therefore be treated differently in some respects. For instance, high powered, bike powered radios (those that are connected directly to the bike’s battery) operate around 5 watts, but their operational frequencies can cause an electrical field that can damage other electronics.

Bike powered radios in particular can produce electrical interference that affect other electronic devices placed near them. For this reason, we strongly recommend NOT placing these radios or antenna within 18” of the MC-200 system. Since the provided PTT button activates the radio, you do not need to have it closely at hand and can easily mount it away from your other devices as well.

Please Note: Bike powered CB radios are not supported for use with the MC-200 system.


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