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Convert Speaker Audio for Earphone Use

The MotoChello Audio Speaker Bridge is an effective way to redirect audio from your bike speaker output to listen through earphones instead. With the Speaker Bridge you can switch between motorcycle speakers or earbuds with the built-in slide switch.

The Bridge can also convert your bike audio output to be used as an isolated source input into the MC-200 stereo system or MotoRfPlus or to connect to a Sena® SM-10 Bluetooth transmitter, giving you a choice of listening configurations.

The Bridge works with any bike audio speaker up to 50 watts, including the BMW K1600, K1200LT and R1200RT Alpine® audio system.

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The Speaker Bridge provides an isolation loop (both left and right channels) for your audio system amp and transformers for balanced impedance to correctly step down voltage for a 3.5mm jack. It includes built in load resistors to protect your system so the audio unit assumes a speaker is connected at all times.

NOTE: The Speaker bridge with transformer isolation works with amplifiers where the negative speaker output is not at ground as in the BMW Alpine systems. If your system has a booster amp the speaker bridge must be installed to the booster input.

With an economical solution readily available, why would you risk damaging your expensive audio system?

The Speaker Bridge can be installed within minutes using Posi-tap connectors and is safer than attempting to identify, splice, ground and hard-wire on your own. Easily and discreetly tucked away in the location of your choice, you won’t have extra wires or parts showing.

A MotoChello Speaker Bridge offers an economical and viable solution while protecting your audio system investment.


  • Use to route bike audio to your earbuds or back to bike speakers on the fly (switched speakers) or install it to have both speakers and earphones play at the same time
  • Can use to input into a Mix-it type compatible device
  • Combine a Speaker Bridge and a MotoRfPlus for improved headset audio and to add a two-way radio with button activation. (Bridge makes existing audio system the audio input for the MRF).
  • Connect the Speaker Bridge to a Bluetooth transmitter (such as the Sena® SM-10) and make a Bluetooth connection to the BT headset of your choice to the SM10 transmitter. The SM10 can feed to one or two helmets.
  • Input your existing bike audio into an MC-200 System as a single source for additional functions and controls, quality wired headsets, instant intercom and to add a two-way radio to your configuration. As a source input, the system will process the audio input as any other connected source device.
Photo of the MotoChello Audio Speaker Bridge and cable

Package includes

  • Speaker Bridge unit
  • 3.5 mm male/male audio cable
  • Instructions


Audio Speaker Bridge


Also Available

Set of 6 Posi-tap Connectors


Speaker Bridge Bundle


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Speaker Bridge Installation Diagram

Using Posi-Taps for Speaker Bridge Install

Speaker Bridge Troubleshooting Guide


Installation Videos

We found these videos (independently made by users) that document their installation of the MotoChello Speaker Bridge and have added links to them here with their permission.

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BMW K1600/R1200 Bluetooth audio upgrade – Part 1

This video by Kim Moon provides step by step instructions on the products necessary and the correct steps to easily install the Motochello audio bridge for set up to an earbud/Bluetooth transmitter.


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BMW K1600/R1200 Bluetooth Audio Upgrade – Part 2

This is a continuation of my BT install for use of the wonder wheel on the BMW K and R bikes equipped with the Alpine audio system

Articles and Reviews

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Speaker Bridge Review – BMW Magazine


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