MotoRfPlus Review – R.L.

Photo for the MotoRfPlus review by R.L. Lempke

MotoRfPlus Review found on the ADV Rider Forum MotoChello MotoRfPlus – Easy B2B, MP3, etc… From a discussion in ‘Equipment’ started by RL Lemke, on Jan 31, 2016. Adding B2B radio to rides, dirt & street, makes riding safer and more enjoyable. No more having riders getting separated. Instantly share dangers on the street … Read more

MC-200 Review by Long Haul Paul

Photo for the Long Haul Paul review post of the MotoChello MC-200 system

We received this review of the MC-200 from Paul Pellard, also known as Long Haul Paul. He is an amazing man on an incredible journey. We’re proud that he has chosen to take a MotoChello along with him and we are happy to be even a small part of his quest. More about Paul The … Read more

MC-200 Installation – Ed R.

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Submitted by Ed Rocha I have been using MotoChello products and currently have an MC-200 system I use with my 2002 R1150GSA. My objective is to move the MC-200 to my new R1200RTW and take advantage of the RTW’s satellite radio, RTW speakers, and GPS/Nav interface. A group I ride with uses CBs (yes, I … Read more

MC-200 system review – Steve S

Photo for MC-200 review post by Steve S

Customer review originally published on the K1600 board on Dec 20, 2014 “Now that I’ve had a chance to use the MotoChello in a real world setting & not in my quiet garage with all the traffic sounds & all that come with riding a motorcycle all I have to say is WOW !!!! After 9 years … Read more

Here’s How I Installed It on My K1600GT

Photo for the MC-200 system review by Mark G.

by Mark Goodrich – from the BMW-MOA Forum Board Dec 10, 2014 Here’s how I did it. I’m not one of those guys who ends up with everything looking like it came from the factory. This is the most important tool. Every time you screw something up, hit yourself in the head with it. Hit … Read more

MC-200 System Review – Mark G

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Customer review posted on the BMW-MOA forum on December 10, 2014 After years and years of struggling to get clean, reliable, quality sound without electrical noise and interference, struggling with ineffective VOX microphones out of motorcycle intercom/music devices, I have installed a Motochello MC200 on my bike. I frequently travel with my wife, and we … Read more

RoadRUNNER review of the MC-100 system

RoadRUNNER product review of the MC-100 audio system post photo

RoadRUNNER Touring & Travel Magazine is the premiere touring magazine for riders. We found a review of the MC-100 system on page 100 of the Jan/Feb 2014 issue.  If you aren’t yet familiar with it, RoadRUNNER is a great magazine that provides information on riding routes world wide and suggestions to make your trip memorable. We … Read more

BMW R1200GSA – Larry T.

“I have to say it [the MC-100 system] did just what you said it would. My wife and I were riding in a very strong cross wind and we could still talk ! There are a lot less wires than with my old system too. We’re happy – thanks.” Larry T., PA

MC-100 audio system review-SK

Post photo for the MC-100 system review by Steve K.

“I’ve been reasonably happy with Bluetooth headsets that I’ve used, but the MotoChello is in a completely different class.  The big difference is the sound quality. My Arai Signet-Q now sounds like a really nice set of headphones.  Music sounds awesome, and so does the intercom to talk to my wife on the back. The … Read more