RoadRUNNER review of the MC-100 system

RoadRUNNER product review of the MC-100 audio system post photo

RoadRUNNER Touring & Travel Magazine is the premiere touring magazine for riders. We found a review of the MC-100 system on page 100 of the Jan/Feb 2014 issue.  If you aren’t yet familiar with it, RoadRUNNER is a great magazine that provides information on riding routes world wide and suggestions to make your trip memorable. We … Read more

MC-100 audio system review-SK

Post photo for the MC-100 system review by Steve K.

“I’ve been reasonably happy with Bluetooth headsets that I’ve used, but the MotoChello is in a completely different class.  The big difference is the sound quality. My Arai Signet-Q now sounds like a really nice set of headphones.  Music sounds awesome, and so does the intercom to talk to my wife on the back. The … Read more

Mike N – MC-100 system

“I replaced the radio that came on my Gold Wing with this and there is no comparison. The music sounds great and we can talk to each other better. My hearing isn’t so good anymore, but this makes everything so clear.  I like it a lot and my wife agrees with me”. – Mike N.