FAQ’s – MC-100 System

What bikes are compatible with the MC-100 audio system?

The system will operate with any cycle or ATV. The location of the audio controller will vary due to the available space depending on the size and compartments of your bike. Some choices are under a fairing, in a glove box-like compartment, under the seat, etc. RKA Motorcycle Luggage also makes a tank bag for various devices so you can even put them there. We like to hear about the creative spots the audio controller units end up. Let us know about yours.

What music devices can I use with the system?

Any device that uses a standard audio cable (included) can be connected to the MC-100 system. This can include an iPod®, MP3 player, CD player, satellite radio, GPS unit, radar detector, or any other audio source.

How big is the audio unit?

MC-100 Audio system unit case

The Audio unit dimensions are 5″ long x 3″ wide. The depth of the case is 1¼” thick.

Please note that when selecting a location to mount it, you’ll want to allow at least 1” at each end to allow for the connectors.

Where do I put the system’s audio unit?

The audio unit can be placed at many convenient locations of your choosing, such as a glove box, in the tank bag (such as an RKA IN-charge bag), or in the trunk compartment of the Gold Wing. 

How big is the display?

The Display unit dimensions are 4 3/4″ wide x 3 3/4″ tall x 1″ thick.

How do I mount the display?

A Ram Handlebar mount is included for the touchscreen display that fits the Honda Gold Wing, Kawasaki Concours and many other bikes (RAM-B-3091U). A Reservoir mount is also included that fits most BMWs and other cycles (RAM-B-345U).

Should they not fit your specific bike, we have included instructions for using the RAM Mount wizard to determine which lower mount only that you may require for your specific bike (the part that actually attaches to the handlebars). The upper mounts are included in the MC-100 package.

What if the mount doesn’t fit my bike?

Ram Mounts makes handlebar mounts for just about anything you may want to attach to your bike. Use our instruction guide for determining the bike-specific mount you’ll need from the Ram Mounts website wizard. If you do need a different RAM mount for your cycle, only the lower mount (that directly attaches the display to your handlebars) will be needed. The rest of the mounting kit is included in the MC-100 package.

How long does it take to install?

That is difficult to answer as there are so many variables (particular bike, ability, etc.). We suggest that unless you are comfortable and experienced getting “under the fairing” of your bike, you may want to have your dealer install the system. Anyone who has changed the oil filters in a Gold Wing will better understand this.

Does the MC-100 use a lot of power?

No. The sophisticated electronics in the MC-100 use very little power, 300 milliamps at 12V which is equivalent to a GPS unit. Additionally, if using the MC-100 manually (rather than with accessory power) and the system, if left on after the bike has been turned off, will draw about 140 micro-amps. That is an insignificant amount that would take more than 10 years to discharge the battery. You’ll probably go riding before then.

Why isn’t the system wireless?

Bluetooth/Wireless systems have limitations in the technology that affect the quality of music and cause delays in communication from switching back and forth between channels. You are also limited to a small number of other riders you can “synch” with, or talk to. If you plan to occasionally talk to just one or two people and aren’t really concerned about listening to music or using a GPS and other devices, you may find these systems work for you. That’s fine.

We happen to believe that music should sound the way it was recorded, in full dynamic stereo, and you should be able to hear it clearly at any speed of travel. We also think talking to someone in a normal voice should have an immediate and clear response.  (Imagine trying to get someone’s immediate attention to a situation and having to wait several seconds for them to get the message. Will they hear it in time?). With a MotoChello system, you can have instant conversations without taking your hands off the handlebars. We think that’s a good thing.[/toggle]

Do I need to charge the MotoChello system?

No. MotoChello offers great-sounding music and effortless communications that turn on and off with your bike (when connected to accessory power). You will not need to charge the MC-100 system and your connected devices should benefit from this also. So you can either plug in a single cord on a great sounding system – or you can compromise on sound quality and carry power strips and multiple charging devices on trips and remove your devices daily to charge them. The choice is yours.

Why would I want to use an FRS radio?

The new, digital FRS radios are an inexpensive and versatile alternative to CB radios. They can also be used as hand-held “walkie-talkies” and have improved reception over conventional CB radios, making them the more popular choice for many. The MC-100 has a dedicated port for an FRS radio and cables are included for Cobra®, Midland®, and Motorola® radios. Some FRS radios also have a USB connection that will charge them automatically while you’re riding.

Can I use a CB radio with the MC-100 system?

The MC-100 has been tested with the Midland portable CB Model #75-822 and is compatible. Riders can use the Midland FRS cable provided with the MC-100 system to connect to the FRS port on the MC-100 audio controller.

What about a UHF radio?

Some riders prefer to use a portable UHF radio. MotoChello has an available UHF interface adapter that lets you connect a Kenwood® compatible UHF radio to the FRS port on the MC-100 system.

Can I leave the display unit on my bike when I wash it?

While the MC-100 is designed for outdoor use, we strongly recommend you remove the display from your cycle before washing it, just as you would your other electronic devices. At the very least, you should cover it with a plastic bag beforehand and avoid using soap and power spray directly on your electronics.

Can two people on different bikes listen to the same music?

No. One rider can have the audio system for music and communicate with another rider on an additional bike through the two-way radio, but you cannot “share” music from one audio system with additional bikes.

The MotoRfPlus lets riders listen to their own music and talk to each other bike-to-bike using a two-way radio. You may also consider having an MC-100 system on the bike you use when you ride 2-up and use the MotoRfPlus on additional bikes to communicate when you are riding separately. 

If I mess up the settings can I get them back?

With so many choices, it’s easy to get carried away sometimes. But if you save the system settings in the “Settings: SAVE SETTINGS” screen after adjusting them to your liking, you can then reset them any time you want by using the “Settings: RESTORE USER SETTINGS” screen.

If you have not saved your personal default settings, you can either make further adjustments (then save them as your own) or you may restore the system to the factory defaults and start over. If you choose this method, you will need to restart the system for them to take effect. After you have made your adjustments, remember to save them as your User Defaults in case you want to restore them later!

Do I need to replace the headsets I have?

MotoChello uses custom headset drivers (the little speakers that go in your helmet) that are comparable in quality to expensive, premium headphones and take full advantage of the MotoChello firmware in providing amazing sound quality. Several users with hearing issues have told us they are surprised at how much they help. So yes, you should replace your current headsets with the ones made for, and provided with the MotoChello system. 

Can I use my earbuds instead of the headsets with the MC-100?

We have an adapter available that can accommodate your earbud speakers. We cannot attest to their sound quality, however, since we have not been able to test with all of the brands available. The MC-100 is an upgraded system, and not merely a better headset, so you should still hear quite an improvement in music quality.

I am picking up noise on my audio device when the engine is running. What can I do?

Noise can sometimes occur from powered devices like a GPS, Radar detector, or an MP3 player with a USB power connection. It happens due to a ground loop issue in the bike wiring and not from the MotoChello system. The Zumo® 550 GPS does not have this problem, but the Zumo® 650-665 models do appear to exhibit the ground loop issue with the power supply. The good news is that there is an easy and inexpensive solution for it.

Ground loop isolator for bike wiring

To eliminate this problem if it occurs, you need to use a ground loop isolator. We have tested and recommend the PAC SNI-1/3.5 3.5mm Ground Loop Isolator for solving this issue with any powered device on your bike. The isolator is available from Amazon.com  and it can also be purchased elsewhere.