Gold Wing Headset FAQs

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Commonly asked questions about the Gold Wing Headset with VAM control.

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Why does the passenger need a separate VAM?

Rider and passenger have different environments due to various factors such as voice level, helmet type, position on the bike and resulting air flow, etc. Having a separate controller lets you have control over your own circumstance and preference.

I alternate helmets sometimes, do I need a separate unit for each helmet?

Each VAM controller package includes a helmet headset. To use more than one helmet, you will need a MotoChello headset for any additional helmets, but not another VAM controller as they will connect to the VAM already installed on your Wing.

What if I am using the VAM headset but my co-rider is not?

If only one of you has a VAM control and noise reducing microphone, be aware that while your microphone turns off when you stop speaking, your co-rider’s microphone continues to stay on. So while you have improved audio, you will also continue to hear some wind noise from your co-riders microphone.

I keep turning the dial but it doesn’t change the volume.

The dial does not control volume, but sets the sensitivity of the microphones, or how much (or little) volume it takes to turn the microphone ON when you’re speaking. This prevents “false” activation of the microphone due to wind noise rather than someone’s voice. Having a dial control allows you to change the sensitivity levels as conditions change. With a little bit practice this will become automatic.

I changed the dial setting but still hear wind

The dial allows you completely turn OFF the microphone or have ON all the time. You will mostly have the setting somewhere in between these, most likely around the middle setting. While no system completely eliminates wind, if you are hearing excess noise, the microphone is too sensitive and is turning on or staying on depending on where you have set it.

Having the mics be overly sensitive may allow more wind noise than you want and can possibly exhibit some feedback if your audio system volume is very high. Adjust the VAM to make the microphone less sensitive to correct this by turning the dial towards the OFF position.

Note: turning the dial all the way to OFF will turn off the microphone completely.

I checked that my microphone is on, but I can’t hear anything when I talk

MotoChello uses directional, noise reducing microphones to reduce excess wind. To work their best, it is very important that they are pointed towards you. There is a white dot on the microphone to indicate the direction it is facing which MUST be in front of and facing your mouth. If the mic is turned away or pointed down, it may not pick up your voice as well when speaking. If you have checked this and still don’t hear anything, please contact MotoChello support.

I hear a whining noise when I talk that stops when I don't. Why is this?

Unfortunately, some Wings produce an alternator noise that can be heard as a “whine” through the microphone circuit. If your bike is exhibiting this problem, please contact MotoChello support for a solution.

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