Gold Wing Headset with VAM

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Hear what you’ve been missing…

Clear Music and Voice without excess Wind Noise

The Gold Wing audio system has many nice features but a Voice Activated Microphone isn’t one of them. The microphones are always turned ON, registering wind noise from both rider mics. This makes it difficult to talk or hear music clearly, especially at higher speeds. Even 50 mph can greatly affect your voice communications and the ability to hear music, even without a cross wind.

You may not have known why it happens, or thought, “That’s just the way it is” on a motorcycle. 

It’s not!

MotoChello solved these issues with an intuitive, adaptive noise filter capability. The firmware recognizes constant noise levels (like wind or noisy road neighbors) and adjusts the threshold to compensate for it, greatly reducing its impact. Add dynamic range, high fidelity speakers and Voice Activated Microphone (VAM) with a variable level controller and you have the best sounding audio you can get from your Gold Wing system.

How It Works

Graphic of the MotoChello Gold Wing VAM control dial with description

The dial is not a volume control. It changes the sensitivity of the microphone, or how much volume it takes to activate it. Multiple settings let you easily adjust to noisy conditions or rider speech level. Advanced firmware provides refined filtering and directional, noise reducing microphones assist.

Only the microphone of the person talking turns on and it will automatically turn off when you stop speaking. You can also quickly turn the microphone off or on manually any time you choose.

If you find yourself in a noisy area or a heavy cross wind, just dial in a stronger control to increase the amount of sound needed to activate the microphone, or you can turn it off. When conditions change, simply dial in a more sensitive activation setting for the microphone.

The control is at your fingertips.

What’s Included

Helmet Speakers with foam covers and velcro placement tabs

Helmet wire harness for easy connection of speakers and microphone

Boom microphone for open-face and hinged helmet types

Button microphone for closed helmets

Coiled HS connection cable

Earphone adapter to switch between helmet speakers and earphones

VAM Adjuster Unit

Posi-tap connector for power source

User Guide

Helmet Headset

VAM Unit

Cable converter for GL1500 format

User Guide

Photo of a gold flip style helmet with an installed helmet headset with microphone


Photo of the MotoChello Gold Wing Headset VAM unit with attached cables

Install the Helmet Headset using the helmet guidelines. The slim speakers easily fit most any helmet (except ½ helmets which don’t have speaker pockets).

The noise reducing microphone is installed inside the helmet for additional wind noise reduction, unlike some that clamp to the outside of the helmet and actually pick up more wind noise. Both Boom and Button style microphones are provided to fit open face, flip or closed helmets.

To install the VAM control unit, simply disconnect your existing headset cable from the Wings audio system,  clean the contact points (an important step) and replace it with the VAM controller cable with the matching connector.

Connect the VAM unit to aux power using the provided Posi-tap. Place the headset connection cable so once the unit is installed, you simply mount the bike and plug in your new MotoChello headset just as you have with your old one. Place the VAM adjuster in an accessible location and you’re done.

Each rider should have their own headset and controller. This way you can continue to use any individual volume adjusters or CB radio PTT (push-to-talk) buttons you may be using now or in the future. The VAM controller does not interfere with them.

To install the passenger headset, repeat the instructions to replace the original headset cable with the new one, connect the posi-tap and locate the connection cable as described above.

Photo of MotoChello Gold Wing headset VAM unit installed for the rider
Photo of a MotoChello Gold Wing headset VAM unit installed for passenger use

Why Spend More for “Just Another”

Headset with the Same Old Technology?

Complete your Gold Wing system with an innovative MotoChello VAM Controller and premium headset for an instant improvement in your audio experience and voice communications.

Photo of a green GL-1500 and tan GL-1800 Honda Gold Wing motorcycles

GW-VAM Headset

GL-1800  $159.00

Includes Ground Shipping

Red Pdf file format iconDocumentation

If you don’t have the free Pdf reader, you may get it directly from Adobe by clicking here.

Gold Wing Headset Brochure

Gold Wing VAM User Guide

VAM Installation Notes

FAQs – GW-VAM Headset

Helmet HS Installation Guide



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Button Microphone ………………………..$20.00

Coiled HS Cable ……………………………. $10.00

Straight HS Cable – 1 meter ……………. $10.00

Straight HS Cable – 1.5 meter …………. $10.00

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Earphone Cable w/Volume…………….. $10.00


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