MC-100 audio system review-SK

“I’ve been reasonably happy with Bluetooth headsets that I’ve used, but the MotoChello is in a completely different class.  The big difference is the sound quality. My Arai Signet-Q now sounds like a really nice set of headphones.  Music sounds awesome, and so does the intercom to talk to my wife on the back. The active noise cancellation makes for crystal clear conversations with a passenger. I really like how the system allows independent volume adjustment of all sources, along with tone, balance and fader, so I can make everything sound just how I want it.

The best thing is that everything works at the same time – I hated having to switch my Bluetooth headset from my iPod to intercom and back whenever my wife and I wanted to talk. With the MotoChello, we can talk full duplex, and the music automatically fades to the background and comes back when we stop talking.  It even has an interface to my FRS radio, which I find way better than Bluetooth for bike to bike communication – more range and no connection delay. This is hands down the best sounding motorcycle headset I’ve ever tried.” – Steve K.