MC-200 system review – Steve S

Customer review originally published on the K1600 board on Dec 20, 2014

“Now that I’ve had a chance to use the MotoChello in a real world setting & not in my quiet garage with all the traffic sounds & all that come with riding a motorcycle all I have to say is WOW !!!!

After 9 years & multiple types of intercoms both wired and Bluetooth this thing blows them all away 10 fold.

I did have to fine tune it a little on the road but 95% of what I set up in the garage worked. I tweaked the different volumes a little but that was about it. The speakers are incredible, I’ve used earbuds for the last 4 years & I do not think I’ll ever go back to them.

The sound is so crisp & clear. The intercom comes on easy when you talk but not from the wind. I opened my helmet & dropped the windscreen so the wind blew right in my face & the mic still did not kick on till I spoke.”

Steve S.