MC-200 Audio System Upgrade


Update your older, out-of-warranty MC-200 audio system to the latest firmware with added features. It’s like getting a whole new system!

Just order the system upgrade and send us your components. We’ll update your audio unit and display to the latest firmware with the newest features, test the cables, seals, and components, and return the system to you with a current manual and an extended 1-year warranty.

Should you have any questions about your particular system or features, please contact

Current Audio Firmware    –  v 3.04.01
Current Display Firmware  –  v 3.00.03

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Primary Features added to version 3x systems include volume profiles for more flexibility in volume levels by adjusting the baseline.

LOW  –  For using Earphones in place of speakers

MED  –  Normal setting, best for most users

HIGH  –  Loud, recommended for those who wear ear plugs while riding

There are also improvements to Priority functions, noise rejection immunity and lower power consumption among others.


To display the version of your system;

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