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The MotoRfPlus provides an effective solution for motorcycle and other riders who want bike-to-bike communications without delays or battery concerns and an economical choice for riders who are frustrated with blue tooth systems and want both convenience and better quality audio.

The MotoRfPlus has integrated audio input that lets you listen to music (or something else) at the same time. It is great for solo riders of sport bikes or multiple vehicles, or those that like to hear quality music or GPS instructions and have seamless bike-to-bike communications.

Riders only need the same type, but not the same brand or model of radio to communicate with each other. Just tune your FRS, UHF or CB two-way radios to a selected channel number and connect with as many riders as you need to over a greater distance. Use the included PTT button to instantly activate your two-way radio without taking your hands off the controls.

There are no bike modifications. The MotoRfPlus is compact and can be placed in a pocket or tank bag, or mounted on the handlebars with Velcro® if you choose. A single wire connects to the included premium headset for great sounding audio and voice and an earphone adapter to connect your molded earphones.


Simple to Use

Portable Audio Processor blends music and communication without channel changing, pairing or delay times. Control the volume from your devices.



Ultra-low power processor is battery free and can be use with any vehicle you’re riding today. Great for motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, off road cycles (even bicycles) or something else



Low cost for great sounding music from your audio of choice and clear voice for radio communications without bike modifications



Listen to your own music (or something else) and have bike-to-bike conversations with riding partners of any size group. They only need to tune to the same frequency, but don’t need the same brand or model of radio. Great for off road excursions or when you want connect with several riders.



No charging or pairing. Two way radios are inexpensive and have a much greater range of communication than Bluetooth. You can contact someone in the group, even when they’re out of sight, making trips safer and more convenient.



Includes a MotoChello helmet headset with microphone, earphone adapter, and cables to connect your audio and two-way radio devices. Just connect your devices and go.



More than just a portable, simple and convenient audio choice, the MotoRfPlus can also be used with the Audio Speaker Bridge to covert an existing audio system output to be used as the audio input for the MRF. This gives you better sounding audio while adding a two-way radio to your setup. Works great with BMW systems including the K1600.


photo of the MotoRfPlus showing the side connections



includes ground shipping

30-day Money-Back Guarantee Circle

MotoRfPlus Includes

• 3.5mm connection cable for your audio device

• Two-way radio connection cables for Cobra®, Midland®, Motorola® and Kenwood® FRS, CB or UHF radio

• External PTT (push-to-talk) button for radio activation

• Microphone for conversations

• Boom Microphone for open face and flip style helmets

• Fixed microphone for closed helmets

• MotoChello premium helmet speakers

• Earphone adapter

• Headset extension cable to increase your placement options

• 30-day money-back guarantee


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About Two-Way Radios

Helmet Installation Guide (updated)



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