Gold Wing Interface for MC-200


Stereo Interface integrates the Gold Wing audio components, including the CB radio, into a MotoChello MC-200 system. Lets you use both the CB and a different radio when riding with groups.

Also gives you integrated phone use and voice control access through the MC-200 system. Combined with the MotoChello dynamic range speakers and advanced controls that bring music to life and voice into clarity, you’ll have the ultimate stereo system for the road.

Recommended for GL-1800 systems.


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Now you can use your Gold Wing audio system components as an input source to a MotoChello MC-200. Connects the Gold Wing system as an input device on the MC-200 allowing you use integrated devices from the Wing (including the CB radio) while enjoying the advanced controls of the MC-200.

Please note that the adapter brings in all of your Wings functions, including the intercom. Turn off the Wings intercom when using the MC-200 system. The Gold Wing intercom leaves the microphones constantly on causing excessive wind noise while the MC-200 has voice activated microphones (that turn off when you are not speaking) and advanced filtering to greatly reduce noise. You will soon appreciate the difference.

Should you decide to switch bikes later, you can move the MC-200 system to your new bike without disturbing the original Gold Wing system.

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