RoadRUNNER review of the MC-100 system

RoadRUNNER product review of the MC-100 audio system post photo

RoadRUNNER Touring & Travel Magazine is the premiere touring magazine for riders. We found a review of the MC-100 system on page 100 of the Jan/Feb 2014 issue.  If you aren’t yet familiar with it, RoadRUNNER is a great magazine that provides information on riding routes world wide and suggestions to make your trip memorable. We … Read more

MC-100 audio system review-SK

Post photo for the MC-100 system review by Steve K.

“I’ve been reasonably happy with Bluetooth headsets that I’ve used, but the MotoChello is in a completely different class.  The big difference is the sound quality. My Arai Signet-Q now sounds like a really nice set of headphones.  Music sounds awesome, and so does the intercom to talk to my wife on the back. The … Read more