A visual guide on setting up the MC-100 audio system and how to access and operate some of its many functions.

Basic Set-up

Instructions on setting up the MotoChello MC-100 Motorcycle Audio System. Covers screen icons, button panel, selecting source icons, calibrating volume levels of connected audio devices, and saving or restoring user settings. 6:23

Audio Tone Adjustments

Descriptions of the advanced audio tone adjustments and how to access them. Includes, bass and treble, balance, fade, loudness boost, surround, and other custom functions. 1:49

Play MC-100 Audio Tone Adjustments Video

Intercom Functions

Understanding the intercom adjustments and accessing the controls for them. 3:30

Two-Way Radios

How to use the MC-100 Audio System controls for FRS two-way radio bike-to-bike communications on any cycle. Also includes using the Honda Goldwing CB radio with the MotoChello system and the GL-1800 CB adapter. 3:41

Using a Cell Phone with the MC-100 System

Instructions for using a cell phone with the MC-100 Audio system through a Garmin GPS unit. How to enable and operate the phone functions. 1:22

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