Photo of John Martinelli with a carved bear statue at Lake Tahoe

The MotoChello system was designed by John Martinelli, a multi-patented electronic engineer with a background in audio and theater systems and a long-time rider himself.

John has been a Design Partner for Microchip Technology since 1992 and has been recognized as a Master Consultant and partner for his 20+ years of achievement.

After operating Mirad Technology, a successful consulting and design business for more than 20 years, the company was incorporated as MotoChello in order to market its own products.

Photo of John and Sherry, founders of MotoChello

Like many riders, the designer had “tried them all” and was not satisfied. Frustrated by available systems, he decided to put his expertise to work and develop the integrated motorcycle stereo system he wanted for himself.

He felt it needed the ability to easily adjust both the audio and communication aspects of the system and have clear music and voice, even in adverse conditions. It needed a design that had controls that are well thought out and easily accessed, and it had to provide useful features that could make travel more enjoyable.

It took some time to complete the task and thoroughly field-test it under real conditions, but it was worth it. The result was clearly different, and once his riding friends heard it, they wanted one too.

Photo of the MotoChello MC-100 motorcycle audio system display with touch screen
MC-100 System

One thing led to another, and MotoChello’s first product, the MC-100 system, was born. It addressed the most common rider complaints about cycle stereos and maintained the professional quality that Mirad designs have been noted for. Never one to stand on past successes, John continues to develop new and innovative products. Seems he just can’t help himself, it’s who he is.

MotoChello chose not to go wireless, partly because of the battery issues, and mostly for a desire to have the best possible dynamic sound quality and uninterrupted communications. Once you’ve experienced it, we’re sure you’ll agree.

photo of John with BMW RT1150

Microchip Authorized Partner logo

John Martinelli is also an Authorized Design Partner for the Microchip Technology Consultant program. In 2014, John received Master Certification for MotoChello Design Services (formerly Mirad Tech) and has been a member of the Microchip Design Partner Program for more than 20 years.